Matthew Miller Eagle Scout Court of Honor

On Saturday, March 9, several of our detachment members attended the Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony for a young man, named Matthew Miller. During the event we presented Matthew with a citation, a medal, an American flag, and a detachment challenge coin. Going to these events is always a fun time. We get the honor of recognizing these young men for their efforts and get to thank them, and their parents, for their commitment to improving the local community. Each of these ceremonies follow basic guidelines, but each have a personal touch to them. During this particular event we heard many stories about Matthew’s time as a Scout. The thing that I found great was that during Matthew’s Eagle Scout Project the young man believes he has found his calling in life. His Project involved testing the water in a local pond to help determine it affects on the local wildlife. Through his hard work on the project Matthew was able to make presentations to many local government and park officials. Also due to his hard work Matthew was offered a summer internship to help him reach his future career goals. I would like to take this time to congratulate Matthew, and his parents, on his success and his commitment to his community. - Commandant Jason M Smith