Visit With Opha Mae and reckless

Opha Mae and Reckless, are English bulldogs, whom are available to visit veterans of all branches of the United States Armed Forces.  The English bulldog is the United States Marine Corps mascot. It was only fitting that they both have names steeped in Marine Corps history. Opha Mae was named after the first woman who enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  Opha Mae Johnson joined the Marine Corps Reserve in 1918. Reckless was named after Staff Sergeant Reckless,  a Mongolian mare, whose heroic endeared her so much to the Marine Corps that there was a statue of her place at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico Virginia. She was also buried with full military honors at Camp Pendleton in California.

Both Opha Mae and Reckless are available to visit veterans in hospitals, nursing homes, or private residences.  They will wear one of their four Marine Corps uniforms; Dress Blues Uniform, Service Charlie Uniform, Green Camouflage Uniform , or Desert Camouflage Uniform.  The choice is yours.  There is no cost for this service as these men and women have already given enough. Opha Mae's certification can be viewed through the button below, Reckless is currently undergoing training for his, and their license and shot records are available upon request. If you are interested in obtaining her services please fill out the form below.

* All contact information will only be used for the service requested and will not be shared with any outside sources without your consent.